Our 1:1 iPad program and eLearning environment encourages all students and staff to reach their full potential of life-long learning through incorporating ICT within the classroom.  


The school thrives to create an environment where the use of information, communication and technology, espeacially mobile technology, is regarded as an integral part of our everyday practices and administration management. It acknowledges the potential of eLearning to impact on learning outcomes for all students and the work habits of all staff.


Our 1:1 iPad program vision goals are outlined below. 




The use of ICT is becoming a popular demand in the 21st century learning environment. By 2015, all students in Years 4-6 will need to supply an iPad as required for everyday learning within the classroom.


At our school, we aim to use ICT as a tool for learning and a tool that provides an environment that is safe, supportive and caring.



To further enable high quality teaching and learning through the use of digital tools.

To build digital capacity and proficiency in our school community.

To prepare students for an ever changing world by equipping them with digital capabilities while developing critical and problem based thinking skills.

To create and deliver purposeful and meaningful tasks that utilise the capabilities of mobile technology.