The iPads will be used within the classroom as a learning tool that can enhance student learning outcomes and motivation levels. Our school App List outlines the range of Apps that can be used in the classroom to support student learning and cater for the different learning needs and styles of students. Since the introduction of iPads in our school, our students are able to use a range of Apps to complete tasks in the classroom, keep track of any homework and work collaboratively with other students through the use of ICT.  Our teachers are dedicated to developing each child's potential and one way that we are doing so is by incoporating the use of ICT and the iPads for everyday learning tasks and activities in the classroom.

Program Information

The 1:1 Learning program was initially introduced in our school in 2007 for our Years 4, 5 & 6 students where they had the opportunity to use MacBook laptops at school and to also take home.


Our new 1:1 learning program is iPad based and as of 2015, parents of students between Years 4-6 will need to supply an iPad that will be used as a learning tool within the classroom.


The iPads will only be used within the classroom and are not permitted to be used outside for personal use during breaks. The sole purpose of the use of iPads within the classroom is to support student learning.